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Why Campus Coder exists?

LCO's campus coder program exists to encourage programming events in Campus. Programming is a large paradigm such as python, js, devops, Machine learning, competitive programming etc

Via Campus coder program, we provide all resources to make sure such events encourage as well as welcome new coders and provide community to them.

Can I become a an LCO's Campus Coder?

We would love to say, yes of course here but that's not true. Not everyone can become campus coder. We have a strict criteria, based on which we select Campus Coders. Will will start by 10 Students only.

In order to apply for campus coder, you should have a decent github repo and some communication skills.

What's the role of a Campus coder?

As a campus coder, you will have to host at least 1 event a semester that teaches students a topic from tech. It can be based on any tech that you like. At the end of event, students should gain some skills or get an overview of a tech stack. This event will end with an exam. You can host these events in your coding clubs too.

Perks from LCO

For such events, LCO will take care of all resources and Prizes. We will guide you to prepare presentations and will provide all softwares to host honest and strict exams. Winners of such events will get goodies and more from LCO.

As a selected Campus coder, you will also get perks from LCO along with appreciation letter and recommendations. (surely there is lot more)

Form will be available here when this program will accept new students. As of now, we start by 10 students only.

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Our Awesome Campus Coders

Here is a list of our existing/upcoming campus coders, who are working hard to contribute in coding community

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