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Why repo mention?

Repos are considered as heart of open source. Repos like reactjs or similar are known to everyone. But there are many other open source repos which should be more popular.

Here is our small attempt to get these repos in mainstream.

How can you contribute?

It's really simple. You can fill this form and let us know about a repo that you use or your repo too. We are not interested in repos which are collector repos. Collector repos are those, which just collect many links or code for competitive programming.

We are looking for repos which can be used directly like axios or CkEditor of Django etc. Every repo counts

Polls, what's that?

We try to put out videos every week for repo mention. Then we put out a poll on our instagram and 1 of that repo gets featured monthly, as mention here.

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Monthly Repo Mention

Of course, all repos are amazing and are a result of hard work. We fully respect every single repo and open source work

Here are some monthly mentions, based on our Instagram Polls.

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