It’s time for a girl to show how it’s done, right. It’s official, Wendy’s has arrived…with hot, fresh, juicy burgers that are served FRESH off the grill, NOT the warming tray…

Daves Double
Britian Queuing
dave's single
Britain, you can't love queuing that much...!
We're bringing the heat to the streets

Fancy a burger that’s freshly made, not pre-made? That was rhetorical… of course you do! Wendy’s Reading is NOW OPEN


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Real Food.
Real Careers.

Come and work for Wendy’s!

For 50 years we’ve been serving up our square-shaped hamburgers and have remained devoted to treating our employees in that same spirit: fair and square. You know what you want, and we’ll embrace that when you work here. Flexibility. Fun. The feeling that you can just be you.

No zero-contracts. No nonsense. Jobs and careers done right.

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